Thank you for chairing a session at the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), of the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA).

Whilst we don’t anticipate any changes please check the program again here prior to your session.

You will also find the program details in the ASM App and on the printed Pocket Program.

Below are some tips to assist you with the chairing process.

Most importantly, PLEASE ENSURE YOU START AND FINISH ALL PRESENTATIONS ON TIME and keep to the order in the program.

All sessions will be held in the William Magarey Room East room on Level 3 of the Riverbank Stand, Adelaide Oval.


This year an online audience participation tool is being implemented.

Please have a look at this short entertaining clip on the benefits of this system.

It allows the event organisers to crowd-source the most popular questions for Invited Speaker Q&A sessions and get instant feedback via live polls during the ASM debate as well as allow the audience to vote for the best papers from each of the forums.

During the presentations the audience will be able to log on and submit their questions which other audience members can see and can like. Delegates have the option to assign their name +/- affiliation to their question or submit their question anonymously. The most popular questions will be directed to the speaker by the 1st Chair at the end of the presentation.  Delegates will be invited to raise any unanswered questions with the speakers during the session breaks.

Sli.Do will be introduced by one of the Sli.Do moderators at the beginning of each of the forums as well as on the first morning of the ASM.

Each session where Sli.Do is being used will have a Sli.Do moderator assigned who will monitor questions and polls and have the screen with audience questions at hand for you to see.

Invited Speaker Presentations:
Invited speakers have been allocated 30 minutes (25 minutes presentation & 5 minutes questions) or 35 minutes (30 minutes presentation & 5 minutes questions).

Free paper only sessions:
Ten minutes have been allowed in the program for each paper: 8 minute presentation & 2 minute question time.

Impact presentations:
Selected ePoster authors have been selected to present a 2 minute Impact Presentation highlighting important content from their poster.

Please let the audience know that there is no question time allocated to these sessions. Please direct the audience to view the eposters on the screens at the ASM or on the ASM app or to contact the presenter directly for more information.

Panel Discussions:
Questions and comments can be submitted and liked by the audience through Sli.Do. These can be directed to the panel through the moderator and session Chair to guide the panel discussion.

A live poll will be conducted via Sli.Do during the debate. Delegates can vote throughout the debate to indicate which side they think is winning as the debate progresses. The live results will appear on the screen.

What if Sli.Do doesn’t work?
There will be a manned Q&A cordless microphone available as a backup only. This will be implemented by the Sli.Do moderator assigned to the session.

Before the Session

All abstracts are available on the ASM website and contain the information to introduce the speakers with their affiliation

The abstracts and biographies of presenters, where supplied, will be available in the ASM App (we will be emailing download instructions to all delegates prior to the ASM).

Please be in the session room 15 minutes prior to the start time to meet the presenters, to familiarise yourself with the room and to introduce yourself to the AV technician and the Sli.Do moderator (if Sli.Do is being used during your session). There will be technicians available during the session to trouble shoot any technical issues should they arise.

There will be a chair table set up in the room with a bell for signalling the end of each presentation and a microphone.

Advise the presenters how you will be signalling the time and when you will ring the bell.

Presenters will load their slides in the Speaker’s Prep Room (SANFL Chairman’s Lounge) prior to the session. If they have not uploaded their files in the cloud please direct them to the AV technician in the room.

Presenters will be asked to sit in the front row of the room so they can move to the lectern quickly at the end of the previous presentation.

You will be advised of any housekeeping items or program updates by the registration staff or committee. Please announce these at the beginning of the session.

During the Session

1st Chair:

  • Begin the session on time, announce any housekeeping and ask that all electronic devices are to be turned to silent.
  • Introduce each presentation with the title, the presenter and the presenter’s affiliation.
  • If a presentation is withdrawn or a presenter does not arrive you can bring the next presentation forward or use the time for questions
  • The Sli.Do moderator will have prioritised questions ready for you to view – please read out the most popular questions provided by the moderator,  who the question is from & their affiliation (if provided)
  • At the end of each presentation be prepared to ask a question if no questions are forthcoming from the audience and time allows
  • Do not ask any questions if the presenter has used all their allocated time
  • Remind the audience that unanswered questions can be answered by presenters by approaching them during break times
  • At the conclusion of the session thank the presenters (and the audience if they have behaved themselves!!)

2nd Chair:

  • Please ensure each session starts and finishes on time
  • There will be a digital clock count down on screen
  • Please use your phone to keep to time if you unable to view the count down on the screen
  • Familiarise with the program:
    • Invited speakers have 5 minutes included in their time allocation for Q&A (Please note some invited speakers have been allocated 30 minutes & others 35 minutes)
    • Free papers have 8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A
    • Impact presentations have 2 minutes for presentation and no Q&A time
  • Ring bell when time is up; if presenter is continuing, please end the presentation at the end of allocated question time with no time allowed for Q&A
  • At the end of each presentation be prepared to ask a question if no questions are forthcoming from the audience and time allows


ANZBA is a not for profit organisation and the peak body for health professionals responsible for the care of the burn injured in Australia and New Zealand. ANZBA encourages higher standards of care through education, performance monitoring and research.

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